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Kimba's Domain is a site deticated to all the Kimba The White Lion fans, especially those who favored the 89 series of Kimba. Since many didnt favor the 89 series because of its bad reputation and its difference between the 66 series and the manga,  this site explores the 89 series, its history, references, and its connection to Tezuka Osamu. You can download some manga scans, check out cool Kimba toys and more! Enjoy your stay at Kimba's Domain!!


Most information regaurding the 89 series of Kimba is based entirely of my opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion


Special Thanks to users CaptainKimba, and Liver-chan for providing info and graphics to help this site

                                      Whats To See Here?

Theres plenty to see at Kimba's Domain! Kimba's Domain offers fans the experience of Kimba from the past to the present. Currently be worked out on are some downloadable images, movie clips and music



The 89 Series of Kimba!

 The 89 series of Kimba is a misjudged series. The turn out caused some controversey agaisnt the series.


Every story has two sides to it, so here at Kimba's Domain, a diffrent story of the 89 series is told. Including refferences, opinions, and some personal history.

Kimba's Domain: The Forum

 So do you like forums? Do you like Kimba The White Lion? (of course, thats why your here), White Lion's Domain is the official forum website of Kimba's Domain.

White Lion's Domain welcomes ALL Kimba fans and fans of any anime and any animated film!

My Rune and Rukio Fan Fiction!!

 Im creating a Rune and Rukio fan fiction! Whats it about? Find out here: