Kimba's Domain

                  The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion

  •  The 89 series of Kimba was released back in 1998 as "The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion" by Pioneer. Unfortunalty, this was yet another strike against the 89 series. In attepmting to edit the series from its violent content, the series was brutally edited to where some things were left out of place, and concluding the series with a poor ending. The series was cut down to 13 episodes (when there are 52 episodes of this series). Not to mention that episodes 2 and 3 were cut out assuming that the scene where Kimba finds out what happens to his mother would be depressing for the young audience.

In my opinion, its not all bad. I watched when I was a kid so I didnt reconize most of the flaws this series had. The voice cast was pretty good. Most anime fans would probably find the voice cast favorable hence all the voice actors in The New Adventures of Kimba play various roles in well known animes.

Voice Cast:


I personally think the cast was really great. The english version had good spirits, and showed Kimba itentions to help the jungle. I reccomend you watch the Pioneer version before making judgement. The Pioneer version isnt perfect, but it got the worse review then it deserved.

The following episodes are listed in the order that they were released in.


Volume 1: Successor of Legend

#1 Birth

#2 Friends

#3 Homeland

Volume 2: Vow of Peace

#4 Invader

#5 Courage

Volume 3: Poachers and Puzzles

# 6 Warning

# 7 Fellows (Flash Flood)

Volume 4: Freedom and Responsibility

# 8 Freedom

# 9 Law of The Jungle

Volume 5: Prophecy and Legend

# 10 Red Wings

# 11 Prophecy

Volume 6: Terrible Power

# 12 Wild (Terrible Power)

# 13 Failrue (Growing Pains)