Kimba's Domain

The Original Manga

Before Kimba became a tv series for Japan, the US, and other nations, it was originally a manga in the 1950s! Everything in the manga was the original depiction of Kimba's story and art before it became animated, and although the manga hasnt really changed much, it's releases changed over the years. Unfortunatly, this manga never made it to the US.

Why Is There No English Version?

Even though this manga has been released many times over, the US never had an english version. Kimda strange since manga is pretty big here in the US, right? Well your most likely gonna here things like the controversey of Lion King prevented it from coming here, or that the series is too old or something like that. No, those are all false. If you've ever seen the manga, in the beginning, the monkey looking people in the village are not monkeys, they are people. Needless to say, the manga would not except this manga as it is considered "racist" and would not be acceptable. Though if you ask me, the old american cartoons you see some times are way more racist.

Get The Manga!

Here I have manga scans of the 3 volumes in Chinese, right now, I dont not have any translated versions of this manga, Im am working on it at the moment, Im doing my best to get this translated, but until then this is what I have, please bear with me.

-Submitted by Liver-chan