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The 1989 Series of Kimba

 And Overall View of the Series:

              This Series of Kimba was aired in Fall of 1989. This was announced as the final project of Tezuka Osamu. It was also said that this was going to be the prequel to the 1997 of Jungle Emperor Leo. First of all, the 97 movie of Jungle Emperor Leo being a prequel to the 89 series is false because the 89 series was to be the 'last' project of Tezuka Osamu.

Tezuka's death happened after he completed 6 episodes of the series. But most fans don't believe that this series has any connection with Tezuka Osamu. I can't blame the fans for thinking that way, this series is violent and also slightly depressing. A complete opposite of the 1966 series, which was very happy and joyful, and everyone was happy. This series doesn't connect with the manga, though it was said that the manga was changed to make this series,  it still relates to the 1966 version in no way which is why this series is completely unfavored by most of the fans who grew up with the 1966 version of Kimba.

 My View of The Series:

                    I do beleive that this show does have a tie to Tezuka Osamu's original intention. I originally read that when Tezuka Osamu died, another director directed the 89 series, which is true, and that director got the blame for the way the 89 series turned out. Which is easy for anyone to believe, and I did believe it. But recently I've been exploring Tezuka's other manga works, and lately I've been discovering things about Tezuka and his works that I never knew of, and they've had stuff that reminded me of 89 Kimba. For instance, Tezuka Osmau's Apollo's Song:

(click picture to read more about Apollo's Song)

                Although this book has very little to do with Kimba, this book contains some very unexpected violence, little happiness, and a depressing outcome. Thats when I started to believe that the 89 series of Kimba was maybe Tezuka's idea from the beginning. I did some research and later read that when Kimba the White Lion was being planned, NBC liked to idea of Kimba, and told Tezuka said that it had to be 'toned down' therefore it would be American-friendly. Even though the 89 series may not be what Tezuka intended from the very beginning, the series was apparently Tezuka's way of lashing out against NBC.

Tezuka Osamu died the same year the series was released, as we know. It had me thinking, and it lead me to the following questions: 

- Isnt everything planned out before being made?

- When the new director came in, did he remake the series against Tezuka's original plan?

 Well here are my answers starting with the first question, I do believe that some changes were made to this series, but not the whole concept. Anime, like everything else, is always planned in way in advanced before getting in the process is started. So the new director couldn't of changed the entire series and still have it done and aired in the same year, it's impossible.

So is the 89 series of Kimba Tezuka's original idea for Kimba? I dont know, but is this how he wanted the 89 series to be like? Me personally, I think so.

 So Why Do I Like This Series?

 I favor this series of Kimba because it was the first Kimba I've ever watch, and loved! When i was 9 years old, I went to the video store and picked up Pioneer's version of the english episodes, the Kimba tape was different, I was attracted to the cover art, I begged my parents to buy it for me, I got it, and watched it as soon as I got home. I didnt reconize any flaws the series had, so I had no clue was this originally was. It was perfect the way it was for me. After I saved my money, I went back and bought the other 2 tapes they had, but those were the only tapes they had, I ordered the rest of the tapes through the store. I was disappointed to find out that it was the end of it, but it didn't change the way I felt about it, infact it kept my mind busy, up until the 7th grade, I used to make up stories of Kimba, I would grab some paper and just write what ever came to my mind. I made stories of Kimba fighting the 'terrible power' I even drew him grown up, and I also made a story of Panja and Riona when they were cubs.  After the 8th grade I abondoned Kimba and moved on to other anime. Anime became my passion. Then later, I made an amv on youtube of 89 Kimba because I was just learning about making amvs, and my first comment was a fan asking me all about the episodes, where I got them, and if I could upload them, finally after a year and a half of figuring how to get vhs on the my pc, getting my account on youtube suspended about 5 times, they are all finally availible for viewing on my WhiteLionPrincess27 account. And now, I make mavs and upload them to my other youtube account, SilverToraGe.