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                             Looking For Kimba Stuff???

Still looking for Kimba The White Lion stuff??  Over the years, collecting Kimba stuff, I learned the hard way that it is NOT easy finding exactly what you want. Even now, I still havent found everything, but Im willing to share what I've found so far. The following links are what I know of and what I use. I also listed middleman services you can use for Japanese sites, too. Good luck!! :D


Movies, DVD, and Manga

Yesasia has a great selection of dvds and manga, all at a fair price. Here you can get movies and manga in either English or Japanese. Here is also where you can get the dvd box sets of 89 Jungle Emperor Leo

Amazon always comes in with Kimba dvds, the prices are usually fair. Once in a while, the Japanese manga shows up aswell.

This site carries music and soundtrakcs from other countries, like Japan, here the Jungle Emperor Leo movie soundtrack is availible here.


White Lions Restorations has the biggest selection of all Kimba items, though slightly pricey, you can pretty much get almost any Kimba item here.

PLUSHIES!! This is where I got my Kimba plushes, they have Kimba and Raiya plushes, frames, together or indivisual, and pillows. SunandStar doesnt have an American version of their website, so you will need a middleman to order from their site, however, it is still inexpensive, and I recommend SunandStar over anywhere else.

This Ebay seller sells the Grieco Kimba and Raiya statues made in Italy. Only 1000 were made and this seller comes in with several of them. I got mine from here so I know that this seller is trustworthly and you will get what you see.

Has not just Kimba, but any works of Tezuka Osamu, including toys, stationary, and more!

Yahoo Japan is Japan's Ebay, they have kinds of rare and unique items of Kimba.


On websites like Yahoo Japan, and SunandStar, you cant order directly since they dont ship outside of Japan, you need a middleman. A middleman will buy the items you want for you.

Celga is not real time bidding, they put in the bid for you at the last moments of the auction. Their service is reliable and you can contact them for any questions on anything and they will respond as soon as possible.

Rinkya is real time bidding, they have an automated bidder that bids when you set it to. Me personally, I dont use Rinkya because I've had trouble with registration and no one got back to me when I contacted for help. However, other people I've met use Rinkya and find it reliable.