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My Kimba Merchandise Wish List

As you know, I am a Kimba collector. My collection just wouldnt be complete with out the following items. Infact, I'd probably be finished collecting forever if I can find them.

Kimba 1989 soft plush


Young Raiya plush (89 series)

Kimba 1989 bank

I've came across this item a few times, but it sold for too much, and I havent been able to get one at an affordable price.

Jungle Emperor Leo electornic slide toy (89 series)

It would mean a lot if anyone knew where to find these toys, and to be totally honest, the only one of these 3 that I want the most is the Kimba 89 slide toy, if anyone is selling, or knows someone selling, or knows where I can get one of these, please contact me at thanks!